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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015!! - (3/3) by MoonDancer89 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015!! - (3/3) :iconmoondancer89:MoonDancer89 4 10 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015!! - (2/3) by MoonDancer89 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015!! - (2/3) :iconmoondancer89:MoonDancer89 4 5 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015!! - (1/3) by MoonDancer89 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015!! - (1/3) :iconmoondancer89:MoonDancer89 11 19
Kurama One-shot: Could be better
The sun had just set for the day as Nikki slowly approached her apartment door, a sad sigh escaping her lips. The reason for her glum expression wasn't because she had a bad day, quite the opposite, her co-workers surprised her today at work with a small party to help celebrate her birthday. No, the reason for her cloudy mood was because her long time boyfriend, Shuichi Minamino AKA Yoko Kurama, wasn't there to enjoy her special day with her. She tired calling him with the Communication Compact Botan gave her years ago when she found out about her childhood friend being the host of a fox demon spirit, but it never went through, making the black haired woman assume he was out on a case with Yusuke and the others. Sighing again, Nikki tucked some of her short hair behind her ear as she unlocked the front door and entered her apartment. Just as she switched on the lights in her living room and toed out of her shoes did she finally see a red path made out of rose petals leading i
:iconmoondancer89:MoonDancer89 1 6
Finding Myself - Ch.8

Tales of Symphonia story
It was mid-day when they reached the ruins, having not run across any monsters since leaving Triet early that morning.
Lloyd: "Man, I'm so sick of this desert. Mom, how do you stand it?"
Glancing to the back of the group where said woman and Kratos were at, talking about weapons, she looked to her son and shrugged.
Sienna: "You get use to it after awhile. Now..."
Walking up next to him, the brunette woman lightly boinked her son in the head before walking ahead of him.
Sienna: "...Stop whining and stay alert. Just because we haven't come across any monsters, doesn't mean you can let your guard down."
The dual-swordsman's expression shifted to a serious expression, realizing his mother was right. Standing a little straighter, Lloyd walked in between Colette and Genis, a guarded look on his face. Lavender eyes quickly glanced behind her, faintly nodding when she saw her son was being more alert. Aubur
:iconmoondancer89:MoonDancer89 2 5
*My Everything* - Kaname/Sesshomaru one-shot
Jaken: "Rin, what are you doing?"
The child in questioning was happily chaining wildflowers together while humming a cheerful tune, much to the little demon's annoyance.
Rin: "I'm making Big Sister a pretty flower-crown as a present for Valentine's Day!"
Golden eyes glanced in the child's direction at the mention of the shikigami woman, who's been traveling with them off and on since her return to the Feudal Era. Sesshomaru listened as Rin explained what Valentine's Day was to a curious Jaken as he relaxed back against a tree.
Jaken: "Huh?! Why on earth do you have to give someone a present?"
Rin: " Because, Master Jaken, it show's you're important to someone!"
The imp grumbled to himself, saying he'll never understand humans and their weird ways while the black-haired girl went back to finishing up her gift. The demon lord pondered over their conversation, wondering if Kaname got him a present before brushing the thought aside, thinking it was foolish to gi
:iconmoondancer89:MoonDancer89 8 2
Dragon Age: Inquisition - Mana Lavellan by MoonDancer89 Dragon Age: Inquisition - Mana Lavellan :iconmoondancer89:MoonDancer89 2 8 Dragon Age: Origins - Alistair by MoonDancer89 Dragon Age: Origins - Alistair :iconmoondancer89:MoonDancer89 1 6 Happy Halloween 2014!! by MoonDancer89 Happy Halloween 2014!! :iconmoondancer89:MoonDancer89 2 28
Because Of A Sundae
Dante: "Dammit. Where is she?"
Returning to from a mission and finding Devil May Cry empty and his long time girlfriend no where to be seen, Dante sighed tiredly before making his way upstairs for a hot shower. The mission itself was easy enough without Lady and Trish bugging the hell out of him, asking when he was gonna man up and ask his girlfriend to marry him. Needless to say, he was exhausted mentally. Mid-way through the shower, the demon hunter heard the front door open and close. Since he locked the door before coming upstairs and, only himself and one other person has a key for said door, Dante grinned at the thought of the other key-holder.
Dante: 'She's back.'
Quickly finishing up his shower, Dante dressed in dark-red sweats before heading downstairs, drying his hair with a towel as he went. Scanning the room, ice-blue eyes spotted 4 boxes of pizza sitting on the coffee table in front of the couch which cause his stomach to growl, but he ignored it for the moment, calling ou
:iconmoondancer89:MoonDancer89 3 4
A ToS Mother's Day one-shot!!
Soft humming could be heard by a stream where a long-haired brunette woman was, washing a few articles of clothing that belong to her husband and son; the latter standing just a few feet behind her. Spiky brown hair swayed as the little boy shuffled from one tiny foot to the other, patiently waiting for his mother to be done. Quickly glancing down to make sure he didn't have any dirt on his grey shorts and short-sleeve red shirt, which there wasn't, auburn eyes lit to see that his mother was done. After hanging the last shirt on a tree branch to dry, the brunette woman, Sienna, quickly wiped her hands on her light purple sundress before deciding to return to her little family's campsite a few yards from where she's at, but the site of her young son standing quietly behind her made her pause. Lavender eyes blinked curiously as her son fidget under her gaze, his hands behind his back.
Sienna "Lloyd? What's wrong, sweetie?"
Coming up and crouching down to his
:iconmoondancer89:MoonDancer89 3 2
Happy (Late) Easter everyone!!! by MoonDancer89 Happy (Late) Easter everyone!!! :iconmoondancer89:MoonDancer89 7 6 Happy Birthday Setsuna!!!! by MoonDancer89 Happy Birthday Setsuna!!!! :iconmoondancer89:MoonDancer89 5 11 AT - Thanatos and Nanami by MoonDancer89 AT - Thanatos and Nanami :iconmoondancer89:MoonDancer89 4 2 Gift: Happy Birthday K-chanLovesAnimeXD!!! by MoonDancer89 Gift: Happy Birthday K-chanLovesAnimeXD!!! :iconmoondancer89:MoonDancer89 1 2 Gift: Happy Belated Birthday Star10!!! by MoonDancer89 Gift: Happy Belated Birthday Star10!!! :iconmoondancer89:MoonDancer89 10 11


Mature content
Toxic Veins (Alucard x OC) Ch. 8 :iconmonavysi:Monavysi 4 2
HBD: Dango Date by Sireinita HBD: Dango Date :iconsireinita:Sireinita 58 17
FF7 Vincent X Reader: ROTG Finale
It was a fine sunny day in the middle of spring as your car raced down the dirt road of the country side with only flat grasslands for miles and at the wheel was your favored dark haired red eyed man. He had one hand on the wheel and the other on yours, fingers laced together intimately though you both were laid back and relaxed about it. 
You had your sun glasses on and were enjoying the wind running through your hair as a light jazz song played on your radio. It was a picture perfect day and best of all, you had your lover at your side.
Vincent, after much convincing, finally ditched his cape and cowl for something a bit more casual. Dark blue jeans and a black cardigan over a white colored shirt and black steeled toed boots to match it all. With his long black hair flowing freely and the red headband he normally sported a thing of the past he could have easily been the cover boy of a fashion magazine. You teased him about it playfully only for him to vehemently deny
:iconcelestialshadow19:CelestialShadow19 4 2
C: KomaSetsu: Kiss you with love by Jusace C: KomaSetsu: Kiss you with love :iconjusace:Jusace 53 17
(DRAMAtical Murder) Noiz X Reader- Mine
It was a busy night at the club. But it’s not like you wanted to be here. You hated the strobe lights. They made you dizzy and the loud music echoed in your ears. You hated the all too revealing green dress your friends had forced you to where in order to come to this club. You scowled as you watched your friends party and silently sipped your martini.
“Heyyy babe~ Are you a technician? Cause’ you turn my software into a hardwareeee-“ A sleazy voice drawled besides your ear and their breath stank of alcohol. Their arm was slung over your bare shoulder and you shivered in disgust.
“I would sincerely appreciate it if you took your f***ing arm off my-“ You ground out..
“Oh come on babe, don’t be like that… how bout you come with me and we go have some fun?” The man interrupted leaning closer.
“Hell n-“ You nearly fell off the bar stool trying to avoid him. But before you could someone else’s arms caught you in a
:iconxhibarithecarnivorex:XHibariTheCarnivoreX 544 43
ZELINK by Alice-Pandora ZELINK :iconalice-pandora:Alice-Pandora 86 13 Special Drawing by Alice-Pandora Special Drawing :iconalice-pandora:Alice-Pandora 5 2
CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY (CLOSED - winner announced.)
Merry Christmas lovelies! I'm sorry I haven't been around much this month, and haven't written any Christmas stories, I have been having a somewhat lonely, stressful December, and finding the happy holiday cheer to put into a story isn't too easy right now :sigh: . So, that aside I decided as it's nearly Christmas, I'd do a small points giveaway. christmas wave 
I'll be giving away 300 points. La jumping in Points 
All you have to do is:
Be a watcher of mine
Fav this journal
Love Pandas
Then leave a comment below.
The 'winner' will be selected at total random using
:iconpandanotes:PandaNotes 12 32
MCxJumin - Normal Ending by Kiko-x3 MCxJumin - Normal Ending :iconkiko-x3:Kiko-x3 124 4 MCxJumin Family by Kiko-x3 MCxJumin Family :iconkiko-x3:Kiko-x3 41 4
Yona of the Dawn Hak X Reader: Promise~
(h/c): hair color
(e/c): eye color
12 years ago~
Hak! Get over here!” (y/n) shouted, crouching by the river. Hak groaned but made his way over to his friend.
“Look! Its a fish!” (y/n) shouted in glee, pointing at the orange fish below. “So?” he replied, peeking at the water. “It’s so pretty…” she said mesmerized, and leaned closer to the water’s edge.
“(y/n)! Watch out!” Hak tried to grab the back of (y/n)’s collar, but ended up falling into the river with her. “Gah!” (y/n) said, standing up and shivering. “The water is freezing!” Hak said as he stood up. Luckily, he only got the bottom part of himself wet, but (y/n) was soaked to the bone.
“Here.” Hak said, tossing his friend his jacket as he made his way out of the water. (y/n) made her way out too, wrapping Hak’s jacket around her. “Thanks.” she said, as she laid down on the grass.
Hak laid down be
:iconfairydust3:Fairydust3 66 18
Servant (Hak x Reader)
You watched from a far as Princess Yona continued to chase Hak around (probably for something he said about her) whilst Lord Soo-won watched them laughing. You smiled and giggled behind your hand, however the smile was quickly wiped off your face when you heard fast approaching footsteps coming towards you.
"What are you doing (y/n)?!" The master servant yelled as your eyes automatically found the floor, as she glared at you. (I'm not sure if there is such thing as a master servant, but more like a person who makes sure that the servants are doing their job)
"I-I'm sorry Miss. I was just taking a break -" However you were interrupted when you felt an immense pain hit your right cheek. You held on to your cheek, tears now gathering in your eyes as you continued looking down at the floor. You knew that if you looked up, you would see the red face of the master servant.
"Enough of your excuses!" She yelled. You took a quick glance at the Trio to see them all looking at you, which was no s
:icontheweirdandrandom:TheWeirdAndRandom 159 9
The left hand of Crown by ContraSun The left hand of Crown :iconcontrasun:ContraSun 30 2 Hiei in a scarf by Hieislittlekitsune Hiei in a scarf :iconhieislittlekitsune:Hieislittlekitsune 62 3 Commission for Infinitehearts by Hieislittlekitsune Commission for Infinitehearts :iconhieislittlekitsune:Hieislittlekitsune 29 6 Double Date by Hieislittlekitsune Double Date :iconhieislittlekitsune:Hieislittlekitsune 58 10
...Do I have any Watchers that read/watch Kamisama Kiss~???  :?


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I'm 26! I like writing fanfiction, drawing, playing video games and watching/reading anime and manga!

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